Balls Out Snapper Cook Green Chili
Post on 18/09/2018


Ingredient : Seasoning :
10 Pcs Tahu 15 Pcs red Chilli / Green
1/4 Kg Snapper 7 Pcs Onion
2 Pcs Egg 3 Psc Garlic
Sukasari Soy Sauce Pepper Sufficiently
  Flavoring Sufficiently
How To Make :
  • Tahu and snapper are mashed, shallots, garlic, pepper are mashed and then mixed with the basic ingredients, the eggs are shaken and put into the mixture, then the balls are formed and then fried
  • Onion, garlic, green chillies are cut into pieces and sauteed until wilted, the ingredients of the tofu balls are added with Sukasari Soy Sauce then removed
  • Cuisine is ready to be served


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