Banana Flower Kepok Jerked
Post on 18/09/2018


Ingredients : Seasoning :
5 Pcs Banana Heart 1 Tsp Coriander
2 Pcs Egg 5 Pcs Onion
3 Tbsp Meizana Flour 5 Pcs Garlic
2 Ons Cooking Oil 5 Pcs Candlenut
3 Tbsp Sukasaro Soy Sauce Salt Sufficiently
  77 cc Water
  1 Phalange ginger
How To make :
  • Boil the banana's heart until cooked, fry the shallots, then set aside. puree all seasonings. beat 1 egg and add a banana flower stew, fried onion, seasoning, salt and don't forget to add Sukasari soy sauce for flavoring and coloring
  • Beat 1 egg, add Maizena flour, a little salt and water
  • The dough form of stage 1 resembles an empal of meat or according to taste, then dips into stage 2 mixture, frying until golden brown with low heat


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