Galantin Balls Out
Post on 18/09/2018


Ingredients : Seasoning :
6 Pcs Tahu 4 Pcs red Chilli
1 Ons Shrimp 3 Pcs Onion
5 Egg 3 Pcs Garlic
(1 egg is shaken, 4 eggs are boiled) 1 Tsp Sugar
  Salt sufficiently
Sauce :  
1 Tbsp Sukasari Soy Sauce  
1/2 Tbsp Meizena  
2 Garlic  
How To Make :
  • Tahu mashed, then set aside
  • Spices are smoothed together with shrimp
  • Then mix the tahu, seasonings and eggs that have been shaken, stir until blended
  • The shape of Tahu is round, filled with boiled eggs
  • Saute the chopped garlic
  • Then add Sukasari Soy Sauce, give a little water and add Maizena flour which has been given a little water
  • Then steam until cooked and ready to be served with Sukasari Sauce


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