Otak-Otak Labu Kuning Bumbu Kecap Sukasari
Post on 31/03/2015

Ingredients : Seasoning :
250 grams of pumpkin 7 cloves garlic
10 lbr Papaya leaves 9 cloves Shallots
25 grams of Manioc 5 seed Chili
2 pieces Eggs 3 Hazelnut kernels
Crispy Flour Salt To Taste
Cooking Oil 50 grams Brown Sugar
  350 ml Kecap Sukasari
How To Make:
  • Shaved and then deep fried cassava
  • Steamed then mashed pumpkin
  • After that manioc & frying yellow Yam mixed with David papaya and Marinades that have been mashed. then formed like a chicken thigh, dipanir with crispy and fried
  • Serve with chilli soy sauce Sukasari

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